Distance sale offer

Are you selling to some customers by mail? Online? Would you like to offer your point-of-sale clients an innovative option accessible online? Please discover our numerous options!

A very wide diversity of varieties and packaging methods

From pot to specimen, we offer you a large diversity of packaging methods to respond in the best possible way to any issues you may have

Very regularly, we can also offer you exclusive new products upon which you can strengthen your specialist image.

Un large choix de variété, et un conditionnement adapté à la vente à distance
Vente à distance, découvrez notre photothèque et la superbe clématite Integrifolia 'Rosea'

Qualitative content and a beautiful photo library

To promote and aid the sale of our products, over the years we have built up a high quality photo library. The contents of which can be used to support you if needed.

Contactez us for further information.

An effective shipping service and specific stock items

Owing to our very precise monitoring of our stock and an effective software system, we can offer you, on a daily basis, a complete quote and reliable stocks to ensure the total satisfaction of your clients.

Whether you require direct delivery or delivery via platform, please contact us so we can adapt our service to your expectations.

En LDD ou sur plateforme, plantes prêtes à la vente