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Variety diversity of base-line floral products you’ll love

From the growing bareboot, to the ready-to- bloom product you love, we offer you a very wide range of packaging methods that come with all our technical and marketing expertise to support you.

Gamme de racines nues

Young plant

The bareroots are reserved for long growing cycles and require a high technicality level. Our bareroots are available from November to February every year.

The pot of 9 is delivered every year starting from June. It has a short growing cycle and a high quality finished product.

Gamme easy 1,5L

Easy range : 1.5L

If you require a low price, with no concessions, but the same high quality.

  • A quality product at a low price
  • A start for a climber range, an idea for garden centres

Traditional range : 2-3L

When the plant quality is a premium for marketing.

  • A plant which combines excellent quality and price
  • Our complete varietal range on offer
  • Leading range in the landscaping market
Gamme tradition 2-3L
Gamme expression pour un produit d'exception

Expression range

3L to 15L trained: an exceptional product for sophisticated marketing.

  • A top of the range product
  • A light and attractive facade owing to training and clipped-on chromos
  • A very wide range for clients with higher requirements
  • Our complete varietal range on offer

Decor range

A selection of ready-to-bloom plants for all budgets:

  • Varied containers : from 3.5L to 18L
  • Original marketing concepts on offer
  • A wide selection of floral products delivered
  • Ideal for your garden events: Mother’s day, gift ideas....
Une gamme de prêts à fleurir adapté pour tous les budgets
Bandeau gammes