Sales support tools

Inspiring chromos, effective sales tools and a great wealth of contents: please discover our wide range of sales-help tools to help support your sales.

The Photo-library

We leave at your disposition on our webshop a large selection of HD visual effects for your communication media.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for your access codes!

Nouveau concept de fleurs coupées, découvrez les bouquet de clématites


The new varietal chromo. Discover our new chromo as from Spring 2018.

The creation of this new chromo is down to a simple issue: How can the gardener envisage the development of the adult plant?

By means of a refined graphic design, every plant is associated with a drawing, a sketch of the landscape where we discover the plant in situe in the garden.

Another novelty: inspiring details associated with a sketch, going back over the the principle characteristics of the plant. On the back, a detailed accompaniment to help make planting successful.

And of course, our up-keep updates by email!

Thematic chromos: To support our sales concepts or for our event offers, we also offer a range of thematic chromos.

Concepts vigne en ville et bouquet de clématites
Véritable outil d'aide à la vente, le meuble de vente est le seul meuble modulable du marché

Selling frame

Particularly practical, it is the only frame on the market which can fit all plant sizes whatever the volume. Very flexible, it can fit all plant forms from 1m to 2.5m in height.

Made up of units to assemble and numerous thematic point-of-sale advertising,

Available in 2 units (120cm and 72 plants or 240cm in size and 120 plants). For more information and to get to know our promotional offers, please contact us.

Plant information posters

All season long, we offer a quite a few plant information posters to support the sale of our products.

Themed plant information posters for our selling frames: There are 12 of them, interchangeable between selling frames to allow dynamic sales all season long.

Also to discover from next Spring: our species flash cards, to be clipped on our plant supporting frames.

PLV thématiques pour nos meubles de vente
Clematis 'Sugar Sweet Clem'

Novelty flash cards: available for the purchase of our new products, they can help promote innovative products in the shop. These visual aids are also available to download from our webshop.

Plant information posters for events: associated with event products or concepts, they give the consumer an insight into the user experience associated with the product.