Export offer

Owing to our vast knowledge of the clematis subject, our young clematis plant is renowned everywhere in Europe for its high quality.

Innovation and varietal diversity

Owing to our partnerships throughout the world and our research activity, our range broadens regularly with brand-new innovations.

We also offer, in partnership with our clients, global concepts all about our products.

Racines nues prêtes pour l'export
Pot de 9 prêt pour l'export

Our packaging methods

We deliver mainly two product sizes: the bareroot and the pot of 9.

  • The bareroot : Reserved for long growing cycles and needing a higher technicality level, our bareroots are available from November to February every year.
  • The pot of 9: deliveries starting from June every year, it has a short growing cycle and a high quality finished product.

Technical support

Owing to our management of the clematis cycle, from cutting to finished product, we offer our clients real technical support in the training of their clematis growth.

Préparation du terrain pour les plants destinés à l'export
Notre partenaire LPDF pour l'export

Our exporting partner LPDF

For our exports, we rely on the support of the LPDF group to organise the marketing of our products.

For all price requests, please contact Cécile Duval (English and German speaking) with the following contact details: sales@lespepinieresdefrance.com ou www.lespepinieresdefrance.com