Substantial quantities and varied packaging methods

Owing to our production capacity, we offer a complete and relevant response to all your requests no matter how large the quantity required.

From small pots to plants specially grown to your specification, we adapt our production to your expectations.

Clématite à floraison d'été, la variété 'Tie Dye' est bleu moucheté
Jasmin à floraison rose délivrant un parfun intense

A very wide range and exclusive varieties

Owing to our somewhat 400 varieties of climbing plants, you can find a response to all your consultations and calls for tender.

Furthermore, our range broadens very regularly with innovative brand-new products and the subjects created from our plant selection.

Advice from professionals to support you with your recommendations

Please find on our website and our webshop a minefield of information to support you with your choice of varieties. If needed, we are also available to answer your questions over the phone.

Clématite de collection trés vigoureuse, floraison sous forme de clochette rose/rouge vif

A webshop and photo-library are available

Save valuable time with your consultations and requests by using our webshop. Here you will find our up-to-date stocks together with our range. We also have our photo-library available for you to download, in order to complete your visually inspiring deals.

A network of Plant Nursery partners throughout France

In need of small quantities? A quick delivery? To find all your plants in the same place? Meet our partner plant nurseries. Supplied very regularly, they will offer you all our expertise and an excellent response rate.

Contact us for further information.

Wisteria floribunda

An effective shipping service

Selon vos besoins et vos organisations, nous vous offrons de nombreuses possibilités logistiques:

  • Collection on-site at the establishment ( contact us prior to collection)
  • Order by e-mail/charter throughout France, within 24-72h
  • Buy through our partner plant nurseries throughout France