Curiosity, permanent challenge and passion are three key innovative elements within the business.

Technical innovation

Due to the fact that working with modern and conformable tools is the route to good performance, we have chosen to make innovation and technical investment a significant part of our business. Our teams work with permanently evolving tools where the processes and techniques are regularly reviewed.

Our most recent example is the investment in one hectare of 100% convertible (completely open or closed) structures in 2018. This tool will considerably reduce the arduousness of the work associated with the overwintering of plants and will enhance our production line.

1 hectare de structures 100% fermées ou découvrables avec récupération d'eau de pluie

Marketing innovation

To produce 400 varieties of climbing plants is good, enabling the gardener to make a success of them no matter what ‘garden’, is better!

At Javoy Plant Nursery, we work by putting forward new ways to approach and utilise climbing plants:

  • 2016 : Bloom’me, up-keep updates for plants, that helps the gardener to take good care of their climbing plant all year round.
  • 2018: Clematis for bouquets: accompanied by inspiring photos and video tutorials, this concept enables the discovery of a new usage for clematis online and in shops.
  • 2018: Lumaki, plant idea to construct. Create a true plant structure, owing to its casket, its plants and Lumaki advice (more information:

Above are three recent examples, imagined and designed in partnership with our clients, to help us to continually tailor our service to the expectations of tomorrow’s gardener.

Varietal innovation

As well as the preservation and characterisation work for the clematis breed, Javoy Plant Nursery is equipped with a plant research and production unit.

With this work and by trading with clematis experts all over the world, they are in the process of creating remarkable, world unique varieties.

We are therefore very happy to be able to offer, as from Spring 2018, the ‘Sugar Sweet’ clematis, the first clematis with large scented flowers, with the Acacia flower perfume.

Clematis 'Sugar Sweet' émanant un parfum d'acacia