A unique knowledge of clematis cultivation

Pierre and Benoit Javoy have developed a unique cultural path for the cultivation of clematis plants in France. Owing to this, Javoy Plant Nursery is currently the top clematis production unit in France and the fifth in Europe.

The high quality of young plants produced and the accompanying technical support offered gives the Javoy Plant Nursery its reputation throughout Europe. Our technical expertise in the cultivation of clematis plants allows our professional clients to receive deliveries from April to October nearly continuously. The flowering clematis are strong and non-trained, thereby assuring that they arrive in excellent condition.

Productions à lapépinière Javoy
Un savoir faire unique dans la culture de clématites

Growth conditions that guarantee renowned quality

The plants are developed in growth conditions which favour a perfect acclimatisation once in the garden: outside cultivation, high quality input and the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) assure a high quality level and a very large reduction of the environmental impact of our cultivation.

These cultivation choices also enable us to attain a wide varietal diversity, large quantities and varied packaging methods (pots subject to exception).

An effective production tool which is in constant development

Entirely relocated in 2003, our production site allows us to have a state-of-the-art tool at our disposal, it is efficient but also user-friendly for the workforce. Currently covering an area of 7 hectares, the plant nursery continues to grow (one additional hectare in 2018) and is becoming automated.

The plants are grown mostly outside, in unique cultivation areas in France where they were created. They assure a constant standard quality level, a very low usage of phytosanitary products and thus an excellent growth rate.

Des aires de cultures uniques en France